Product overview and Characteristics

Employment of the clamp in foundriesHercules quick-action clamp is an innovative product designed to represent the ultimate solution to all your clamping needs.

The chief innovation is represented by the possibility of repeating the block at the same pressure and with the same jaw opening just pressing the lever behind the bar.

The jaw opening and the consequent swivel pad position and pressure can be easily adjusted just turning on a bolt.


Employment of the clamp for drilling

Hercules quick-action clamp, conceived to offer the highest performances and to guarantee a firm and tight hold on mechanical parts, is also extremely light and resistant, being the first clamp made of cast aluminium.

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Employment of the clamp in joinery

It proves its versatiliy in a variety of applications: it can be successfully employed in foundries, in carpenters' and toolmakers', in joinery, in the building industry and in other industrial and craft sectors.

  • foundries;
  • carpenters' and toolmakers';
  • joinery;
  • building industry;
  • other industrial and craft sectors.
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